Las Vegas Champagne Picnic Helicopter Tour Options

The Las Vegas travel season is heating up and so are Grand Canyon helicopter tour bookings. And the one that's making the phone sing is the Champagne Picnic tour.

It was the same way last year at this time so let's face it: this particular heli ride is HOT and that means limited seating and quick sellouts.

So, I asked myself, "What makes this heli ride so darn popular?" The answer, as usual, is always staring me in the face: value and lots of it.

Oh, and let me add exciting, romantic, thrilling, incredible and amazing. If I could find my thesaurus I'd add a bunch more superlatives.

But let's step back to square one and talk tour. First, you need to understand that anything that flies below the rim and lands at the bottom is only available from Las Vegas.

South Rim

If you are at the South Rim, it's all air, except for this really cool package called the Sunset Safari and it comes with a 4x4 Jeep tour that takes you to the edge for a private sunset viewing event.

Now there are 3 kinds of Champagne packages and they are very distinct in what they offer the visitor. The first one is the basic tour and this is the one that usually sells out first because it's the cheapest

What makes it so inexpensive is that if flies out of Boulder City, which is about a 30-minute shuttle ride from Las Vegas. If you go this route, understand that hotel pick up time is usually about 1.5 hours prior to flight time.

Budget v. The Strip

This option is probably perfect for most readers and personally I don't mind the ride out to Boulder to save a few bucks. However, I will say that flying off from the Vegas Strip definitely is worth your consideration.

Why? Because it saves time. Typical transit time from a Vegas hotel to a Vegas terminal is around 15 minutes. And it's often done in the comfort of a stretch limousine, which is incredibly important if you are celebrating a special occassion.

The other great thing about Strip take-offs is that you get to fly over Las Vegas Boulevard (a/k/a the Strip). That's a huge bonus in my opinion and it's something every visitor to Sin City needs to experience.


The final option for this trip is what I call the "finale" because it's that ultimate. It does everything the other one does but at sunset! This is a beautiful time of the day anywhere but it's especially true if here at the Canyon and in the desert.

One caveat about the Sunset helicopter option: It only takes off around dusk and is therefore extremely limited. If you want to go on this tour, I urge you too book it the minute you know it's for you. And forget it if you try within 48 hours as all seats will be filled.

So there are your variations. But there's still some "icing" that we need to put on the cake and that would be window seats. Yes, they cost extra but if you're going to go all the way they deserve consideration.

Window Seats

The way window seats work is like this: First, helicopter seating is very random and based on overall weight of passengers. Thus the pilot makes the decision on the tarmac as to where you'll sit. However, for an extra $50, you can put the odds in your favor.

The place to do this is the online booking form. As you go through the checkout process, you add the seats to your order. You will NOT be billed for them at this time. Once you check in for your flight, you'll be offered the OPTION to take the seats wherein you can accept or refuse.

Me, I love this scenario and I'm mystified why more people don't take the windows. I mean if they exceed your budget or you just don't need them then you can refuse them. The object here is to put yourself in the best position to win and that's done at checkout.


OK, I hope this spotlight article about Grand Canyon "Champagne" tours and all their options helped. Remember, there are three choices, ranging from basic to sunset. Personally, everyone knows I'm a fan of the one that takes off from Vegas and does a Strip cruise on the return. And if I'm really out to impress I'm going sunset all the way.

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Have a grand day,

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