A Fair Deal is the Best Deal

These are crazy days indeed. Of late, travelers shopping for the absolute lowest price are hammering me.

Commendable. But not when taken to the extreme.

Going about it with such gusto means you'll probably end up with a "low price" that winds up doubling.

I think most of us know how marketing works. Let's take MATRESSES, for instance.

(And when did mattresses become such a big business?)

You read an ad or hear an ad and it leads off with the $199 Queen. That price point is enough to get you in the car and off to Sleep America.

Inside, a salesman bulldozes you. He shows you the $199 special. Oh, and by the way, there's two of them left.

Further, it's just the mattress. No box spring. No frame. No headboard. No guarantee. No delivery.

See where I'm going with this?

By the time you get home, you've spent upwards of $600, if you're lucky. And that doesn't' take financing into account.

The same dynamics apply to helicopter tours.

Just this morning I had a guy call in with a $79 Las Vegas Strip helicopter ride.

Right off the bat, he's asking me to beat the price. And here I am thinking, "I don't even know the guy's name."

So I open up the conversation. Turns out, the trip is on an inferior aircraft. It includes no transportation to and from his hotel. And he's got to take the 5 p.m. or nothing.

Really? Is that a deal?

For some, yes. But the truth of the matter is it's a rotten offer. Which I related to the guy.

He grunted an affirmation and then told me it was for him and his fiance.

Oh, buddy, why would you take your finance on a Vegas special? That's insane.

Eventually, I shared with him a flight that would cost 15 percent more, included a limo pick up, and left on his terms.

We hung up on great terms. Turns out he was even from my hometown in Arizona.

The bottom line is this: Don't get blinded by price. If it's ridiculously low, it's that' way for a reason. Usually, it's so stripped down that you're riding on your travel partner's lap.

Last example of being sensible.

I had a woman call me looking for a Grand Canyon landing tour from Vegas.

Like all before her, she through out a price that's completely suspect.

Then she tells me she's got X amount of time and has mobility issues. Despite this, she's hooked on a flight that leaves Boulder City.


We worked it out in chat that considering her situation she'd be better served by taking a flight from a Las Vegas Strip terminal.

This would do two things: Resolve the mobility issue and keep time to a minimum

Was it the same price as the flight out of Boulder? No. Was it a fair price? Yes.

But most importantly, she got the flight that best met her needs.

Folks, helicopter rides by nature aren't cheap. That doesn't mean you surrender and take a premium rate. But don't squander the trip of a lifetime on a trip that's priced to disappoint.

Meantime, if you need a heli ride, take action:

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Have a grand day,

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