Review: Is Papillon Helicopters Right For You?

The above video is from a Live Google+ Hangout I held earlier this week. My goal was to answer the question, “Why Papillon?”

Seems like a really broad inquiry but in actuality it’s quite simple because it comes down to one word:


When it comes to characterizing Papillon as a company, it’s all about value.

And here’s why…

papillon helicoters grand canyon keith kravitz

Keith K. on site with Papillon Helicopters in Las Vegas.

The company as we know is the largest Grand Canyon sightseeing business in the world.

Papillon reports that they fly nearly 500,000 people a year to the National Park.

That’s HUGE!

But the reason it matters to you and me is that volume means low tour prices, which Papillon dominates.

And where Pap really shines is on the Internet. There, you can buy its tours at up to 35% off their retail prices.

That’s a major savings, especially if you’re party is three or more people (heck, two or people is major savings, too!).

In Las Vegas, Papillon’s flights depart from the Las Vegas Strip and Boulder City, NV. The former is more expensive, but you get more…VALUE.

How so?

Well, for a few bucks more, the Strip departures include free chauffeured limousine service to and from you Las Vegas hotel. And on the way back from the Canyon you get to fly The Strip from Top to bottom.

That’s a big deal.

Papillon’s South Rim flights include air and ground. In this case, the only air tour that matters is the 50-minute flight. As for ground, I like the 30-minute/Jeep.

So play the video. Especially if you’re weighing your options. It’s very insightful and will answer any questions you have about this fabulous company.

And once you complete your flight, please share your experience. Either here on the blog or you can email me at grandcanyonkeith AT I’d love to hear it.

Travel on!

Keith Kravitz, Editor

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