To the Bottom of Grand Canyon by Helicopter!

west rim grand canyon guano point

Lots of folks don't realize it can take up to 13 hours to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. But there's a way to do it without breaking a sweat! The secret? Helicopter tours. But … [Read more...]

So Little Time, So Many Grand Canyon Helicopters!

Ascent from the bottom of Grand Canyon West.

Nobody said it would be easy, right? But when it comes to Grand Canyon helicopter tours, there is a ton from which to choose. I wrote a free e-book on it. Go here to grab your copy now. Once … [Read more...]

Video: Be Aware of this Weight Fee for Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

enjoying a grand canyon south rim lookout

I'm getting a lot of email from travlers regarding weight limits and Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas and South Rim. So let's quickly get you the answers you're looking for. First, … [Read more...]

Video: Book Grand Canyon Helicopters in Advance or Suffer the Consequences

las vegas grand canyon helicopters

Folks, I know we are still in spring but as far as Grand Canyon helicopter tours bookings are concerned, it's summer. So what do I mean by that, right? Well, specifically, flights are selling … [Read more...]

A True Eagle-Eye View of the Canyon

view from inside a grand canyon helicopter

This picture pretty much sums up for me what it's like being over the Grand Canyon inside a helicopter. Not only do you get incredible views but also you get to hear about it right from the … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Holiday Helicopters

new years in vegas

Bound for Las Vegas? Awesome. Especially if you happen to be doing Sin City over the holidays. Understand that it's officially crazy time in LV. I know it's hard to top Vegas on a "normal" day, … [Read more...]

Video: Las Vegas Helicopter to Bottom of the Canyon!

safety check grand canyon helicopter tour

One of my favorite flights is the one from Vegas to the bottom of the West Rim. Coincidentally, it's also a favorite of my reader/clients on this blog. Easy to understand why. Just take a look … [Read more...]

Tips: Is There a Best Time to Fly?

Ascent from the bottom of Grand Canyon West.

In my opinion, yes. And it would be mid-morning. Specifically, I go for anything between 8 a.m. to noon. I find that this time zone offers the best visibility and clarity. The other timeframe … [Read more...]

[10/25 – 11/01] Weekly Roundup

Horseshoe Bend is an excellent day trip from the South Rim.

Here's this week's roundup of the best posts from the Grand Canyon Helicopters' blog: ---------------------- ---------------------- Video: Why the Helicopter Weight Surcharge … [Read more...]

Tips: Are Tour Cancellation Policies Important?

Perfect weather for a helicopter ride over the West Rim!

Most definitely. Especially if you are planning a trip that includes a helicopter tour. The best cancel policies are the ones that let you do it within 24 hours for a full refund. Or, if … [Read more...]