Video: Be Aware of this Weight Fee for Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

enjoying a grand canyon south rim lookout

I'm getting a lot of email from travlers regarding weight limits and Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas and South Rim. So let's quickly get you the answers you're looking for. First, … [Read more...]

Flying High Over Grand Canyon in a South Rim Helicopter!

grand canyon national park visitors center

One of life's greatest pleasures is flying over Grand Canyon National Park in a helicopter tour. How so? Well, let me put it this way. The Canyon is very impressive from ground level. … [Read more...]

Video: Book Grand Canyon Helicopters in Advance or Suffer the Consequences

las vegas grand canyon helicopters

Folks, I know we are still in spring but as far as Grand Canyon helicopter tours bookings are concerned, it's summer. So what do I mean by that, right? Well, specifically, flights are selling … [Read more...]

Lights Go Out on the Grand Canyon (Photo)

sunset at grand canyon national park

Of course, that's me figuratively speaking about sunsets at Grand Canyon National Park. Which, by the way, is one of my favorite times to be out and about the South Rim. Or the West Rim for … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Sunsets And Helicopter Tours

grand canyon sunset

Nothing beats a Grand Canyon sunset. I've seen my fair share over the years and I'm always amazed. I think it has to do with how the light turns golden and emblazons the Canyon's magnificent red … [Read more...]

A True Eagle-Eye View of the Canyon

view from inside a grand canyon helicopter

This picture pretty much sums up for me what it's like being over the Grand Canyon inside a helicopter. Not only do you get incredible views but also you get to hear about it right from the … [Read more...]

Photo: Grand Canyon Disappears Under an Ocean of Fog

grand canyon foggy day 550

I call this the great Grand Canyon disappearing act. It was the day in December last year when an inversion layer hit. What that means in geek speak is that a lid of warm air prevented cold … [Read more...]

Use An iPad to Photograph the Grand Canyon? I Guess So.

ipad grand canyon 550

I see more and more travelers taking photos of Grand Canyon National Park on their iPads. Or other mobile devices. I've tested the Pad and it does a great job. But I find it a bit clunky. … [Read more...]

Video: Las Vegas Helicopter Lands on Bottom of Grand Canyon


If there's one tour I recommend the most, it's the one that lands at the bottom. This is a trip that has to be experienced to be believed. The catch: It's only available from Las Vegas. Why's … [Read more...]

Photo: Living on the Edge of the Grand Canyon!

grand canyon rim photo

Would you do this? Not so sure I would. In fact, it kind of underscores why I tell readers to be careful at the West Rim. There's basically no guardrails between you and the 4,000 feet that … [Read more...]