Is There A Shortcut To The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas?

What is the fastest way to get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas and how long will it take me?


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  1. Air tours from Las Vegas are the quickest way to get to the Grand Canyon. Types include airplane and helicopter. Which you go with will depend on budget.

    Between the two, airplane trips are cheaper. Takes a plane about 30 minutes to reach the West Rim and under an hour to get to the South Rim.

    If you are strapped for time, take an air-only flight. The one I recommend is called the Highlights Tour…it goes over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West.

    If you have the time, definitely recommend you check out Indian Country Adventure:

    It’s the one that lands and gives you up to 3 hours to explore the top.

    The best South Rim airplane tour is this one:

    This flight gets you to the SR in 60 minutes and comes with a 2.5-hour bus tour inside the Park. It can be extended to include a helicopter ride, too.

    Helicopters take 45 minutes to reach the West Rim. There are no direct helicopter flights from LV to the SR.

    The Golden Eagle is the best air tour for travelers who have limited time for sightseeing. Goes over Lake Mead/Hoover/West Rim before going back. Total tour time is just 3 hours.

    Personally, I’d opt for a landing tour, the best of which is the one that lands at the bottom of the West Rim for a Champagne lunch. The descent is absolutely spectacular. Plus you get walk down to the Colorado River! Here’s more info on that tour:

    There’s variations of that tour as well, the most popular one being the trip that includes a sunset.

    Hope that helps.

    Have a great flight!

  2. The fastest way is taking a helicopter. If you have to drive, there is only one way to get there. How long it will take depends on which rim you plan to visit. The popular South Rim is 278 miles / 447 km from Las Vegas and a 4.5-hour drive . The West Rim is 120 miles or 3 hours driving time from Las Vegas.

    If you are going by yourself or with another person, my suggestion will be to take a tour bus.

  3. If you want to see the real Grand Canyon go to the South Rim of the park. The part of the GC that is most advertised, is on an Indian Reservation at the extreme West of the canyon. There are really lots of places that you can see easily on way to the South Rim.

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