Grand Canyon Hopi Point Sunset

Sunset at Hopi Point, Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim

Nothing matches up to the "golden hour" at Hopi Point at Grand Canyon National Park. The crowds are testament to this fact. I've been a number of times and I never cease to be amazed. There's a … [Read more...]

Tips: Take an Aerial or a Landing Tour?

enjoying a grand canyon south rim lookout

I love this subject because it's at the crux of any air tour. So let me clear the air. If you want the cheapest option, always go air. And take it from Boulder City (the satellite city just … [Read more...]

Tips: Maverick or Papillon Helicopters?

las vegas helicopter going to the grand canyon 550

Maverick and Papillon are the "top dogs" when it comes to Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon. But they are quite different when it comes to customers. Maverick is high-end while … [Read more...]

How To Get Reservations In Popular National Park Lodges

grand canyon el tovar

If you've ever tried to get rooms at Grand Canyon National Park, you know persistence pays. Indeed, rooms can be booked a year in advance. But, as we all know, plans change and in comes the … [Read more...]

Las Vegas’ National Finals Rodeo Selling Out Canyon Helicopter Tours


I'm getting feedback from travelers helicopter landing tours from Las Vegas to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon are either sold out or have limited seating. I reckon this has to do with the NFR … [Read more...]

What are the places to see in West Rim grand canyon other than sky walk?

grand canyon skywalk

What are the places to see in West Rim Grand Canyon other than sky walk. We are planning for a one day trip to GC and next day to Las Vegas. Resolved. See comments below ~ Editor … [Read more...]