Review: Is Papillon Helicopters Right For You?

papillon helicoters grand canyon keith kravitz

The above video is from a Live Google+ Hangout I held earlier this week. My goal was to answer the question, "Why Papillon?" Seems like a really broad inquiry but in actuality it's quite simple … [Read more...]

Review: Is Maverick Helicopters Right for You?

maverick helicopters south rim keith kravitz

Maverick Helicopters is Las Vegas' 5-star helicopter company. In this video I review Maverick Helicopters and explain why I think it's Las Vegas' only true 5-star air-tour company. Lots of … [Read more...]

Video: Mustang Helicopter Tour Review

mustang helicopters

The video is from a live event I held recently about Las Vegas-based Mustang Helicotpers. If you are considering Mustang, I strongly recommend you play the clip because you'll know if this … [Read more...]

Perfect Day at Grand Canyon

grand canyon south sunset

Let me jump in and say that summer has been awesome at the Grand Canyon. Temperatures have been very cooperative and visibility is nearing perfection in the morning. Even the evening has … [Read more...]

Infographic: How to Pick a Las Vegas Helicopter to the Grand Canyon


I've been handling helicopter tours for years. I get questions from "can I spread my beloved's ashes at the bottom" to "is this a no-doors flight." Then I realized there were a few questions that … [Read more...]

Tips: Take an Aerial or a Landing Tour?

enjoying a grand canyon south rim lookout

I love this subject because it's at the crux of any air tour. So let me clear the air. If you want the cheapest option, always go air. And take it from Boulder City (the satellite city just … [Read more...]

Tips: Things to Do at Grand Canyon West

west rim grand canyon las vegas

There are two rims wherein travlers visit the Grand Canyon: The West and the South. In this post, I'm going to overview the former. The West Rim is 120 miles east of Las Vegas. Drive time is 2.5 … [Read more...]

Tips: How to Get a Sunset Helicopter Tour

Sunset flights offer incredible sights!

Sunset at the Grand Canyon. Now that's a sight! It's also one of the most popular times for helicopter tours. Regardless of season. During fall/winter, you get incredible, crystal-clear … [Read more...]

Tips: Weight Limit Fees On Helicopter Rides

Travelers walking the tarmac to their EcoStar 130 helicopter.

As waistlines expand during the holidays, it's time to be aware of the weight surcharge imposed by helicopter companies. Frankly, I'm not a fan of any "extra" fees and this one's no exception. … [Read more...]

Tips: Is There a Best Time to Fly?

Ascent from the bottom of Grand Canyon West.

In my opinion, yes. And it would be mid-morning. Specifically, I go for anything between 8 a.m. to noon. I find that this time zone offers the best visibility and clarity. The other timeframe … [Read more...]