So Little Time, So Many Grand Canyon Helicopters!

Ascent from the bottom of Grand Canyon West.

Nobody said it would be easy, right? But when it comes to Grand Canyon helicopter tours, there is a ton from which to choose. I wrote a free e-book on it. Go here to grab your copy now. Once … [Read more...]

Flying High Over Grand Canyon in a South Rim Helicopter!

grand canyon national park visitors center

One of life's greatest pleasures is flying over Grand Canyon National Park in a helicopter tour. How so? Well, let me put it this way. The Canyon is very impressive from ground level. … [Read more...]

A True Eagle-Eye View of the Canyon

view from inside a grand canyon helicopter

This picture pretty much sums up for me what it's like being over the Grand Canyon inside a helicopter. Not only do you get incredible views but also you get to hear about it right from the … [Read more...]

Should Grand Canyon Helicopters Be Booked In Advance?

Keith Kravitz, Editor

It's the traveler's dilemma: Purchase my Grand Canyon helicopter tour in advance or upon arrival? It's a vital issue because the decision you make could a) get you airborne and b) save you a tidy … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Helicopters – Go From The Strip, Boulder City or Henderson?

las vegas grand canyon helicopter air terminals

Lots of readers ask me where their Grand Canyon helicopter starts. It's a great question because it impacts convenience and price. Let's start with convenience. If you're in Las Vegas and don't … [Read more...]

What’s The Best Tour Company to Fly in Helicopter From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon?

grand canyon picnic at bottom of the national park

Can u reccomend a company which weshould go throughto dothis tour. As its quiet expensive and we want it to be the best it can possibly be. … [Read more...]

Which Company Should I Use For The Helicopter Ride To The Grand Canyon?

riding a south rim helicopter

Great question...and it depends what you're looking for. A Grand Canyon air or landing tour? West Rim or South Rim? A value or 5-star flight? Let's dive in... Types of helicopter tours include … [Read more...]

What Are Some Ways To Get To Grand Canyon From Las Vegas?

the las vegas skyline from the air

I'll be staying in Las Vegas for a couple of days and I plan to visit the Grand Canyon in the day and return to the hotel in Vegas at night. Is that possible? What are some ways to get to Grand Canyon … [Read more...]

Is There an Airplane that Flies from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?

grand canyon south rim from the air

I've heard there's a flight that takes you from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. I can't find any info about it online. Is there such a flight? If so, any details? … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight

south rim helicopter over colorado river

What a fantastic South Rim helicopter video clip! If you want to get a taste of what to expect on these air tours, this short video is it. PLAY the clip and enjoy the action: … [Read more...]