Grand Canyon Front-Row Seats

travelers on the edge of Grand Canyon South

Now's that's what I'm talking about! No need to stay on the footpath. Hop over the wall and get your seat on the edge of the South Rim. Based on this image, I'm not the only one with that idea. Is … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Peaks & Valleys

grand canyon south

Whenever I look at this terrific Grand Canyon picture I think "into the abyss we go!." Like I'm dropping into to something otherworldly, knowing full well that something really interesting awaits me … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Dusky Sunset

a gorgeous sunset over grand canyon national park

Well, I started off with a Grand Canyon sunset this a.m. on this National Park blog and now I'm going to bookend it with this sunset picture. Which, by the way, constantly blows me away each and … [Read more...]

Lights Go Out on the Grand Canyon (Photo)

sunset at grand canyon national park

Of course, that's me figuratively speaking about sunsets at Grand Canyon National Park. Which, by the way, is one of my favorite times to be out and about the South Rim. Or the West Rim for … [Read more...]

Photo: Grand Canyon Disappears Under an Ocean of Fog

grand canyon foggy day 550

I call this the great Grand Canyon disappearing act. It was the day in December last year when an inversion layer hit. What that means in geek speak is that a lid of warm air prevented cold … [Read more...]

Use An iPad to Photograph the Grand Canyon? I Guess So.

ipad grand canyon 550

I see more and more travelers taking photos of Grand Canyon National Park on their iPads. Or other mobile devices. I've tested the Pad and it does a great job. But I find it a bit clunky. … [Read more...]

Photo: El Tovar Snowstorm – Grand Canyon – South Rim

south rim snow bank 550

OK, I'm probably going over the top. But this qualifies as a "snowstorm" in Arizona. El Tovar, which I like the best of all South Rim lodges, is the majestic building in the center. To it's … [Read more...]

Photo: Spectacular Grand Canyon Lookout

grand canyon viewpoint 550

Frankly, I don't think there are bad views at the Canyon. Everywhere you turn it's there. Captivating you each and every time. I get asked to rank lookouts. I'm not going to bite. They are all … [Read more...]

Photo: El Tovar Perched on Grand Canyon’s Snowy Rim

snow el tovar south rim 550

Wow! If you are going to spend a night inside Grand Canyon National Park, make it El Tovar. This majestic lodge sits less than 75 feet away from the edge. Imagine waking up in the … [Read more...]

Photo: Grand Canyon Sunshine

grand canyon with sunset 550

When the sun sets on Grand Canyon, the light is as golden as what you see in the picture. I don't know why it's this way. Some say it's because of the elevation. Others claim its desert dust. … [Read more...]