What’s The Best Tour Company to Fly in Helicopter From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon?

Can u reccomend a company which weshould go throughto dothis tour. As its quiet expensive and we want it to be the best it can possibly be.

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  1. Hi,

    To my mind, there are only three helicopter tour companies to fly when it comes to going from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

    The #1 value operator is Papillon. This company is the largest in the space and offers both air and landing tours.

    Their best aerial tour is this one:


    Their best landing tour is called the Grand Celebration. It goes to the bottom for a Champagne picnic. Up to 30 minutes to explore. The descent is spectacular.

    Maverick Helicopters is the best for 5-star deluxe tours. Considering you are basing your decision on price, they might be too expensive.

    Bringing up the rear is Grand Canyon Helicopters (GCH). This company combines value with luxury…see it as a meeting in the middle.

    When it’s all said and done, I think Papillon is your best option.

    Remember to book your flight as soon as you decide on which to purchase. Trips are selling fast. Papillon, for example, has been sold out the last two days.

    Lastly, buy your trip online to get the Internet rate, which is significantly lower than the retail price.

    Have a great flight – Keith

  2. I like the Grand aCanyon Tour company best (and they are cheap;-) they do the best deals, unless you are going in the summer I would think long and hard if you are wanting to go in a Helicopter as they can be very choppy.

    Papillion are als very good but generally slightly more expensive.

    oh one other thing check that you will be flying over the South Rim as many of the cheaper tours go to the West Rim and the Skywalk, this is not the Grand Canyon National Park and it is not the Grand Canyon that you have seen in TV. The South and North rims are amazing the West rim is not as so.

  3. IMO: The best is Maverick

    #2 would be Papillon


  4. We recently took a Grand Canyon helicopter tour with Papillon. http://www.papillon.com

    We had a great time on our trip – the pilot was great, the scenery beautiful, everything was perfect. The helicopter was cramped because we had a larger man on our trip, but it certainly wasn’t unbearable at all.

    We took the Grand Celebration Tour, which included landing in the Canyon for a picnic lunch/dinner. It was amazing to actually be down in the canyon (4000 ft down into it) and we were free to roam around the area for about 30 minutes or so.

    The pilot narrated the sights as we headed toward the Canyon – Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and various points of interest near the lake. We passed by the Skywalk, which was neat to see, but we went a good bit beyond it before landing.

    The trip was 4 hours, from the time they picked us up at our hotel to the time they dropped us off. This trip left from Boulder City instead of Vegas, so there was no trip over the strip. If you want that, be sure to book a flight out of Vegas airport. But we didn’t consider it a loss – the trip was magnificent.

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