Review: Is Papillon Helicopters Right For You?

papillon helicoters grand canyon keith kravitz

The above video is from a Live Google+ Hangout I held earlier this week. My goal was to answer the question, "Why Papillon?" Seems like a really broad inquiry but in actuality it's quite simple … [Read more...]

Review: Is Maverick Helicopters Right for You?

maverick helicopters south rim keith kravitz

Maverick Helicopters is Las Vegas' 5-star helicopter company. In this video I review Maverick Helicopters and explain why I think it's Las Vegas' only true 5-star air-tour company. Lots of … [Read more...]

Video: Mustang Helicopter Tour Review

mustang helicopters

The video is from a live event I held recently about Las Vegas-based Mustang Helicotpers. If you are considering Mustang, I strongly recommend you play the clip because you'll know if this … [Read more...]

Perfect Day at Grand Canyon

grand canyon south sunset

Let me jump in and say that summer has been awesome at the Grand Canyon. Temperatures have been very cooperative and visibility is nearing perfection in the morning. Even the evening has … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Front-Row Seats

travelers on the edge of Grand Canyon South

Now's that's what I'm talking about! No need to stay on the footpath. Hop over the wall and get your seat on the edge of the South Rim. Based on this image, I'm not the only one with that idea. Is … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Peaks & Valleys

grand canyon south

Whenever I look at this terrific Grand Canyon picture I think "into the abyss we go!." Like I'm dropping into to something otherworldly, knowing full well that something really interesting awaits me … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Hopi Point Sunset

Sunset at Hopi Point, Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim

Nothing matches up to the "golden hour" at Hopi Point at Grand Canyon National Park. The crowds are testament to this fact. I've been a number of times and I never cease to be amazed. There's a … [Read more...]

Grand Canyon Dusky Sunset

a gorgeous sunset over grand canyon national park

Well, I started off with a Grand Canyon sunset this a.m. on this National Park blog and now I'm going to bookend it with this sunset picture. Which, by the way, constantly blows me away each and … [Read more...]

To the Bottom of Grand Canyon by Helicopter!

west rim grand canyon guano point

Lots of folks don't realize it can take up to 13 hours to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. But there's a way to do it without breaking a sweat! The secret? Helicopter tours. But … [Read more...]

So Little Time, So Many Grand Canyon Helicopters!

Ascent from the bottom of Grand Canyon West.

Nobody said it would be easy, right? But when it comes to Grand Canyon helicopter tours, there is a ton from which to choose. I wrote a free e-book on it. Go here to grab your copy now. Once … [Read more...]